National Leadership Development Program

This is a package of a series of leadership programs adopted by the Civil Service Council of the Kingdom of Bahrain as a standardized national policy and strategy for training in the public sector. The purpose of the program is to build a governmental system based on a management methodology under which each civil servant is considered a leader at his/her own carrier level. The program is designed specifically to meet training needs of civil servants right from the moment they join the public sector as new recruits.

The program keeps abreast of a civil servant's development to the supervisory and management levels and up to higher leadership levels within the public sector career hierarchy. The program embraces civil servants according to their skills and expertise and takes them up to their maximum potential of leadership. The program continues to provide them with optimal essence of experiments and experiences of the best training practices in the field of public sector leadership.

How to Register?
For registration, you may communicate with your respective training official.


Tasees Program

Government Cultural Awareness

Targeted Category: Newly recruits of Civil Servants

Strategic Objectives of Program:

1. Instill culture of leadership thought and leadership concepts into the newly recruits of the civil servants.
2. Provide newly recruits of the civil servants with fundamental knowledge required for the public sector functional environment to enable them to perform professionally.

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BINA'A Program

Excellent Performance and Ambition

Targeted Category: Specialists, Senior Specialists and the Like

Strategic Objectives: 1. Provide employees with basic tools and leadership capabilities to enable them to perform their functions professionally.
2. Ensure excellence at work to promote institutional performance.

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Takween Program

Leadership Development and Quality Achievements

Targeted Category:  Unit Supervisors, Group Heads and Lhe Like

Strategic Objectives of Program:

1. Improve leadership capabilities to assume higher position in the civil service hierarchy.
2. Improve service quality levels in the civil service organizations

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Kawader Program

Innovative Government Performance

Targeted Category: Civil Service Section Heads and the Like

Strategic Objectives of Program:

1. Enhance leadership capabilities and skills for assuming leading executive positions in the civil service
2. Promote capabilities in planning and visionary thinking
3. Develop teamwork performance to create a culture of change within an organization

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Qeyadat Program

Competitive Visionary Thinking

Targeted Category: Civil Service Directors and the Like

Strategic Objectives of Program:

1. Optimal investment in human resources to achieve organizational aspirations.
2. Develop policies in areas that will progress development in the civil service.
3. Create a culture of change in the civil service.

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Qeyadh Oulya Program

Leadership and Outlook