Contracted Courses

BIPA provides training course that give an opportunity for trainees to obtain different information and skills in various areas. BIPA emphasizes on the specialization needs of the Ministries and other government organizations. Therefore, BIPA operates through a specialized team to meet requirements of the government authorities by providing contractual training courses, which aim at training certain categories by specialization and standards required by the applicants.


BIPA provides professional trainers who give the training courses required in highly professional and quality manner to ensure that participants gain the best return by service and knowledge. Since the introduction of this service, the total number of contractual training courses provided have amounted to 256 various specializations, according to requirements, for 67 ministries and government organizations on a contract basis.


Mechanism of Requesting Contractual Training Courses

Completion of the enclosed contractual service request form and sending the same to BIPA's Administration & Business Development Department


For more enquiries, please communicate with us on telephone 17383894, or through our e-mail