1- How many mandatory study hours do I need to attend to pass the program?

All monthly scheduled modules should be attended during the course of the program and students will be informed in case there are further details.


2- What is the cost of the Master in Public Management program?

Tuition fees is 12,000 Bahraini Dinars (BD 6000 at the beginning of year 1/ BD 6000 at the beginning of year 2) in addition to the application fee (non-refundable) which is BD 50.


3- Is it possible to get days off from my work on the working days I have to attend the program?

This depends on the agreement between the employee and his/her workplace. It is imperative that the student makes himself / herself available for the full 4 days of each monthly session (Thursday – Sunday).


4- What are the scheduled courses and the teaching language?

The teaching language will be in English, and the scheduled courses will be uploaded on the MPM webpage.


5- What are the requirements for the joining the program?

– The applicant should hold a Bachelor’s degree
– Work experience not less than 3 years
– Fluent in English speaking and writing
– Has high management capacities and skills
– Passes the personal interview of the program


6- What are the advantages of the Master of Public Management Program?

– International Academic certificate from Aix-Marseille University
– Professional certificate from the National School of Administration in France (ENA)
– The development of managerial capacities through the program which was designed based on a needs study in the region in the field of public administration.
– Learning and networking in a knowledge environment of future leaders in the Gulf, with providing the chance of studying and continuing work.
– Gaining professional experience and academic knowledge from best practitioners and academics.


7- Where will the program be taught?

In University of Bahrain (Sakhir) in College of Business and Administration.


8- What are the graduation requirements for the MPM?

T- Pass the first and second years of the program
– Attend all the course modules
– The accumulated average should not be less that 10/20 for each year
– Pass all the course exams
– Submit a Master’s thesis at the end of the second academic year


9- How can I benefit from the scholarship provided by Tamkeen?

– The applicant should have a Bahraini nationality
– The applicant should work in the public sector.
– The applicant should fulfill the requirements of application and should excellently pass the personal interview with the committee of assessing applications. According to the applicant’s excellence, 25 people will be chosen from the list to have the chance of benefiting from Tamkeen’s scholarship.


10- Will the MPM degree be approved from the Higher Education Council in Bahrain?

Yes, the program is a national strategic project that is approved by the Higher Education Council.


11 – Will the MPM degree be approved from an internationally accredited university?

The academic certificate is issued from Aix-Marseille University (AMU) which is classified as one of the best 150 universities in the world according to the Shanghai ranking, in addition to the professional certificate that is issued from the National School of Administration in France (ENA).


12- What is the level of teaching faculty in the program?

The teaching faculty are highly experienced practitioners and academic Ph.D. holders in the fields of public management and administration whom are contracted with by Aix-Marseille University, the National School of Administration in France, Bipa and University of Bahrain.


13- What is the duration of the program and the time schedule of the modules I have to attend?

The program consists of 16 study modules over the course of two years; the duration of each module is 4 days in a month (Thursday to Sunday). As for the timings, the course takes place from 9:00 AM till 4:00 PM (until 4:30 PM on Fridays).



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