With a view to enhancing, developing and promoting the government functioning system

BIPA Inks a cooperation agreement for the design of an in-house e- training system with the Judiciary and Legal Studies Institute

- Execution of the agreement between the two institutes

His Excellency Dr. Raed Mohammed bin Shams, Director-General of the Bahrain Institute of Public Administration “BIPA”, reasserted the Institute’s ongoing and consistent effort to improve and promote the systems, mechanisms and methodologies of the government functions in the Kingdom of Bahrain to meet the requirements of lightning speed changes, enhance and improve the performance of government organizations, ensuring realization of optimal management and leadership methods, enactment of advanced policies and highlighting the ongoing culture of change and creativity in line with the cooperation agreement between the Bahrain Institute of Public Administration “BIPA” and the Judiciary and Legal Studies Institute, represented by His Excellency Wael Bually, Undersecretary for Justice at the Ministry of Justice, Islamic Affairs,  and Waqf.

Dr. Bin Shams explained that the e-training system designed for the benefit of the Judiciary and Legal Studies Institute totally relies on automation of all training operations in the Ministry in a way that would save effort and time through elimination of manual operations, besides availability of data with a high degree of accuracy. It will, at the same time, allow the Ministry’s personnel at all levels to have smooth access to the progress of the operation from the time of entry of the application for enrollment for training courses, passing by their approval and review by the competent divisions up to finalization of all enrollment processes.

On his part, the Undersecretary for Justice at the Ministry of Justice, Islamic Affairs,  and Waqf, Wael Bually, reasserted the importance of this cooperation with the Institute of Public Administration, which will lead to the development of the electronic system of the Judiciary and Legal Studies Institute with a view to upgrading the efficiency of the performance and quality of the services offered. He expressed appreciation of the efforts of the Public Administration Institute and its offerings of outstanding programs designed to develop the quality of training and promote the government functioning system.

The Public Administration Institute, thanks to its strategic local and global partnerships, will continue and sustain periodic offering assessment, counseling  and mentoring programs and services, in addition to training and consultation services for optimal exploitation of all successful experimentations related to public administration, thereby adding value to the services offered by the Institute as this will contribute to realizing the Institute’s objectives in line with the highest quality standards and superior performance requirements.