As part of the efforts of the Bahrain Institute of Public Administration (BIPA) to attain sustainable development by promoting the government performance through means of its strategic mechanisms in order to groom national workforce capable of building a society existing on competitiveness, sustainability and justice, BIPA has launched its national plan for development of government leadership. The purpose of the program is to develop the government services in a way that keeps pace with the growth expectations, to be met and serviced through optimal management and leadership of the resources, development of supporting policies, spreading and entrenching the culture of on-going and continuing change, coupled with creativity in a way that fulfils the citizens' aspirations.


National policy

The National Program for Development of National Leadership seeks to implement the contents of the 2030 Economic Vision and the government workings for the years 2015- 2018, including definition of the strategic priorities and national initiatives, the most prominent of which are creation of an outstanding training program for training government leadership, grooming of leaders in the public sector and enhancement of the quality and abundant availability of training. The National Program for Development of National Leadership consists of  a number of leadership modules which have been approved by the Civil Service Bureau of the Kingdom of Bahrain as a standardized national policy for training that represents the national identity that is sought for the government sector by means of building a leadership system and organizational structure based on scientific and systematic methodology for capacity building, starting with fresh employees and spreading up to the positions of undersecretaries and assistant undersecretaries


Leadership Identity

The program is designed to bestow a leadership identity on all public servants by targeting all classes of employees in the organizations and ministries of the state, furnishing them with specific leadership qualities and skills at each occupational level in a standardized and homogenous mould that will in the final analysis contribute to the service of citizens. The program will be initiated with the class of newbie and fresh staff and similar classes, who will be educated and informed of the necessary government culture that they need to commence their career with excellence. The program will move on to have and enable specialists to acquire the required skills to achieve accomplished outstanding performance and satisfy their career ambitions. As for senior specialists and group heads, they will be groomed and raised as leaders to attain quality achievements, while division heads are equipped with sustainable mechanisms to attain creativity in government performance. On the other hands, the directors' classes are furnished with competitive strategic thinking mechanisms, following which the program will provide the undersecretaries and assistant undersecretaries with the necessary mechanisms to attain creativity in government performance. On the other hand directors will be trained in mechanisms for competitive strategic thinking, following which the program will channel its attention to the class of undersecretaries and assistant undersecretaries to equip them with leadership vision and futuristic outlook.


The citizen is the Ultimate Focus of Attention

The design of the National Government Leadership Development Program is based on scientific methodology that renders a citizen the cornerstone of the government working which exists on excellent creativity, innovation and productivity, thereby rendering the program the optimal and ideal means for training and qualification of staff in the Kingdom of Bahrain. As a part of its strategy for the years 2016- 2018, BIPA will embrace the leadership talents for the duration of their career progress and their advancement in the career echelon and will continuously continue to provide them with the gist of experiments and optimal expertise for the best training practices in the field of government leadership and push them up to the maximum comprehensive capacity in each leadership stage.



Diagnosis of Methodology

BIPA has succeeded in formulation of an integrated practical methodology for the national program for the development of government leadership based on seven key aspects which have been approved on the strength of a review of leadership training needs in the government sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain, beginning with the leadership aspect which is based on empowering the employee to lead the wheel of development in all fields of the public sector, building of leadership thought culture, grooming and building of the leadership personality to nurture the innovative leader with strategic vision.


Where the work team aspect is concerned, the national program seeks to qualify the employee to assume joint responsibility for realization of the strategic targets of the organization through propagation of the teamwork culture, building of proactive and efficient personality capable of leading the work team and optimal investment in human resources in order to attain excellence in leading international joint ventures.

The purpose of the customers' aspect is to offer outstanding services with the highest standards of quality and efficiency beyond citizens expectations, while the purpose of the institutional aspect is to upgrade and promote the institutional performance index to advance the work system in the public sector by boosting the concept of loyalty to the institution, linking the personal objectives with those of the institution, formulation of strategies, management of initiatives and drawing policies that are based on evidence.


The integrated scientific methodology of the national programs for the development of government leadership will serve to achieve a high level of strategic communications, which will, in turn, contribute to integration and harmony between the organizations of the public sector via the communication and contact aspect based on inculcating the principle of respect, besides the performance, productivity and creativity aspect by upgrading the level of performance efficiency in the public sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain to bring it up to the level of advanced countries by nurturing ambition and discipline, management of duties and priorities, excellence of performance, promoting high productivity and outstanding performance index and attaining institutional-based competitive performance.


The National Program for Development is not oblivious to or unmindful of the importance of entrenching the correct and valid institutional values in the national workforce. The value aspect is regarded as one of the most important of all values in the scientific methodology of the national program for development of national leadership. Such value covers citizenship, justice, equality, sustainability, professionalism and accountability, all values that a government employee is required to acquire so as to perform his or her duties in top notch manner and as required and expected of him or her.




Futuristic Vision

The National Program for Development of Government Leadership has clear cut road for the future of the government sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain whose bigger image represents exploratory vision for the Kingdom of Bahrain, a vision that is based on attaining sustainable development on the strength of national workforce that is qualified to realize and keep on developing the ambition to keep pace with the international developments with a view to realize the aspirations of citizens beyond their expectations.