Strategy 2016 – 2018

We have taken the initiative at BIPA to draw a future strategy that will contribute, within the scope of our responsibilities, to improve Bahrain’s Government Performance.


Advanced government performance for sustainable development.


Bahrain Institute of Public Administration (BIPA) is working to achieve advanced government performance that supports economic and social development plans. Through Performance development for providing services aligned with the development aspirations; enhancing the management of resources that enable the delivery of these services; building capacity to conform with the creative changes for the continuous development; and developing policies and strategies that guarantee the achievement of sustainable development.

BIPA seeks to achieve its objectives through the provision of learning and training to develop skills, knowledge and behavior; offering consultancy services to contribute to the decision-making process; development of scientific research to solve problematic; and execute coaching and assessment to build and develop capacity. In addition, to the delivery of strategic communication activities to promote awareness and culture of government performance.

Strategic objectives

1. Enhanced services aligned with the developmental aspirations

2. Optimal Resource management & leadership enabling service provision.

3. Enhanced & Supportive Policies for the processes of sustainable development.

4. Culture of continuous change & innovation for development

Institutional values



Promptness in providing pioneering and creative ideas, leading to problem solving and innovate developed methods that are more responsive to demands, and to enhance productivity.

Transparency & Respect:

Absolute clarity and professionalism in dealing with customers, both internal and External, and credibility in the exchange of information and data, to build strong relationships with partners and to enhance the communication.


Set operations based on organized and clear planning, which contributes to the provision of services with high level of accuracy, efficiency and quality in terms of commitments in time, as well as excellence in acquiring the best international standards to exceed the customer expectations.

Team Work:

Integrated, mutually beneficial relations with commitment and cooperation to bear the shared responsibility to achieve the strategic objectives and preserve the interest of all parties.

Discipline & Professionalism:

Compliance with regulations and laws through the care, attention, reward and strictness with all categories of workers, and dealing on the basis of justice and equality.